CLICK ME : Video Demo Of Identical Product On How To Use

CLICK ME : Video Demo Of Identical Product On How To Use Part 2


This device allow you to spy anyone in any place.

All you have to do is put a SIM card into the SIM card slot, and when you call the phone number of the SIM card, it will automatically answer your call and allow you to listen to every sound happening in the room, without anyone ever suspecting anything!

Give it to your secretary and you will know what goes on when you're not around. Give it as a present to your boss and you may know what your boss REALLY thinks about you. Put it at your workspace and you will know what really goes on when you're not around!

You only need to buy a new SIM card, place it in this device. Once you call this number, this device will auto answer, and it is working like a phone with auto answer without speaker. So you can actually hear anyone's talking about you or whatever when you call in that sim card's phone.
Features a unique super- slim design, place it at home or even in the office. You could listen to the sound of its surrounding wherever you want, it is the latest SIM surveillance equipment available.

You can put it in your car and track when it may be stolen by others, or it will help you to monitor your baby or the olds. You can put in your bag and listen to people talk bad about you.

Please do not use it to engage any illegal activity.


-Dimensions : 52mm x 38mm x 15mm
-24 hour non-stop power supply
-All GSM SIM card compatible
-Microphone range(Meter): 5~7(Radius), 4 levels
-Receive sensitivity: -\+10K
-Working temp: -40~50'C
-Responding frequency: 1.2K~800Khz
-Stand-by time: 10 days
-Working time: 4 hours


-LED Light indication will be activated after the SIM card is correctly inserted.
-Do not insert the SIM into the slot in the wrong direction.
-SIM spy will be completed initialization and maintain in stand-by status, and The light will be off and it is ready to go. Just dial the SIM card number, you could hear the sound around the SIM card spy.

Package Content

1 x GSM Spy Device

1 x Power Adapter

1 x USB Cable