Spy Cameras FAQ

Here are some considerations to help guide you

1. Battery Usage Duration

Battery for all spy cameras is using rechargeable lithium and can be charged with the use of USB.

Most portable spy camera can only take an hour or less or more of video footage thus getting the portable spy camera, you need to take note of the battery usage duration.

Link To Spy Cameras Selection Durations

Most portable spy camera last for an hour or less as battery capacity is small. Getting a Desktop Spy Clock Mirror will be the ideal choice as it can take longer video duration which is about 5 hours to 6 hours
If in the event that you need to record more than 6 hrs, you need to get spy camera which is run via power supply.

2. MicroSD Memory Card

For choosing Memory Card to use for individual spy camera, the video footage capture is about 3GB - 6GB for an hour of video recording depending on the spy camera design.

2 - Getting 8GB memory card is sufficient for the portable spy camera as the issue is the battery capacity.

- Getting 32gb memory card is ideal for Desktop clock as it can record up to 8 hours of video recording.