Time Set Procedure

Time Set:

( 1) Please insert the TF card into the item and connect it with the computer, then please format the TF card.

(2) Please create a new TXT file by root of the storage TF card and change the file name to " time.txt ".

(3) Please open the file "time.txt " and edit the time just like the follows:

with time show:2010.05.05 13:25:00 Y

not time show :2010.05.05 13:25:00 N

(4) Please save it and exit

(5) Please unconnected the item with the computer and turn it off. Then when you turn it on again, the time will be set.

Download The Files Below For The Other Methods Available

Date & Time Model A
- Time Stamp setting instruction.txt
- WriteTime.exe

Date & Time Model B
- Time-adjusting instruntion.txt
- TAG.txt