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For Any Purchase (Local) :

Contact Info (Mon-Sun) : +65 90092327

Email Me: Sales@spycamerasg.com

For (Sold Out / Special Order Needed) Products :

Steps :

1) An Deposit Fee Of $20 Per Item Is Required For The Ordering Of That Particular Item That Is Either Sold Out Or Not In Spycamerasg.Com.
(Transfer Money To POSB Account Or Meetup @ Eunos Mrt)

2) Will Order That Item From Overseas Which Will Take 2-5 Weeks For The Spy Product To Arrive In Singapore.

3) Upon Receiving The Spy Product, Will Contact The Buyer To Collect The Product And Pay The Remaining Amount.

In The Event, The Product Did Not Arrive In Singapore Due To Unforeseen Circumstances, Will Pay Back The Deposit To The Buyer.
Else If The Buyer Do Not Intend To Purchase, The Deposit Will Be Forfeited.