Home Motion Sensor 105dB Alarm Device @ $55

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Home security Infrared motion alarm system with remote controller detect the movement to against the intruder in the room or house. When the system triggered, it will sound in 105db and the alarm sound last in 30 second. This alarm system using a dual infrared sensors with special infrared integrated circuit, have the low false alarm rate, high reliability, high cost performance characteristics, suitable for home, office, garden, and street stores and other places with anti-theft or intruder.


Wireless, infrared detector, motion-activated
Detection area: 10m/ 30 feet long and 110 degrees wide
Include 2 direct infrared remote control (Up to 30m/ 100 feet), please use it directly facing to the sensor
Support 220V Charger(not included)
Don not fix this senor near Heating materials
Please check its sensitivity monthly, to make sure it is in good condition. Change batteries every 3 month if you don not use 220V charger.
Alarm Power Supply: 4 x 1.5v AA batteries or 6v DC power(not included)
Remote Control Power Supply: 3 x AG13 batteries(included)

Package Includes

1 x Alarm sensor
2 x Remote control
1 x Mount bracket