Emergency Personal Alarm For Ladies/Elderly/Children @ $25 (Vary Designs)

Model A

Model B

ALERT QUICKLY: In case of emergency, pull out the metal pin, Personal alarm will immediately issue a warning sound of 120 decibels to alert the surrounding people. The siren will sound continuously for 30 minutes unless pin is returned to device.

LIGHTLY CARRYING: Low-key appearance will not cause the attacker or intruder’s attention, perfect attachment to your handbag, belt or school bag for convenient, instant access, With LED lights function, suitable for low-light emergency environment, with greater value.

ALERT WORK: The sharp alarm sound can cause vigilance around, and through continuous warnings, to attract passers-by looking for sound sources to help, personal alarm decibels for 120dB, can spread 330 feet (100M). WIDELY APPLICABLE CROWD: Adolescents, college students, night owls, lonely workers, seniors, joggers, nurses / personal care workers, delivery / route staff self-defense options.

Product Description
* Personal alarm – 120dB volume anti-theft, anti-rape, woman / old / night jogger / child / student anti-attack, immediately activated by pulling the needle.
* Sleek key ring – this low key keychain is the perfect attachment to your handbag, belt or bag, convenient, instant access, so that a small fashion item does not cause the attention of an attacker or an intruder. * Due to the compact size, high functionality and high quality design, emergency self-defense electronics provide you with a range of immediate convenience for your personal body alarm products.

The benefits of our personal alarm:
A small personal alarm is a smart way to protect yourself from potential harm. Some of the benefits of this option include:
+ User friendly design for all ages.
+ Such a small fashion project will not cause the attacker or intruder’s attention.
+ If you are in danger, you can remind others of the method, it sounds up to 330 feet (100M).

Package Included:
1 x Personal Alarm
1 x user manual