Spy GPS Tracker Bug (Model A)

Ever wanted to know where your friends are? Ever wondered where your family is driving your car to? Or just worried that your kids may not be going home after school?

Everytime that you want to know the location of the device, all you have to do is to call the GPS Tracker using your mobile phone, and the GPS Tracker will reply a SMS containing the GPS coordinates of the device.

This Product is a good Tracking, GPS Trackers Vehicle rental / Fleet management
Powerful magnet + water proof, adsorbing in the hidden place of car
Protect the child / the old / the disabled / pet etc
Provide peace - of - mind for businessmen
Manage personnel
Track criminals secretly

You can also set a radius around your home, and the GPS Tracker will automatically inform you the moment it leaves the radius set by you. You can also set the GPS tracker to inform you should it start travelling over a pre-defined speed limit.

Furthermore, the GPS tracker also has an SOS button which will send the accurate location of the GPS Tracker to a pre-set number when pressed. This feature is great for school-going kids who may be lost and require help.

CLICK ME : Video Demo 1 Of Identical Product How To Use

CLICK ME : Video Demo 2 Of Identical Product How To Use


Network: GSM / GPRS
- 850 / 1800 / 1900Mhz
- 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900Mhz
- 900 / 1800 / 1900Mhz
GPS chip: SIRF3 chip
GSM/GPRS module:
- Siemens MC55
- Siemens MC56
- Simcom Sim300
- Simcom Sim340
GPS sensitivity: - 159dBm
GPS accuracy: 5m
Time To First Fix:
- Cold status 45s
- Warm status 35s
- Hot status 1s
Storage Temp: - 40 degree to +85 degree
Operation Temp: - 20 degree to +55 degree
Humidity: 5%--95% non - condensing
Car charger: 4.5 - 12V input, 5V output
Wall charger: 100 - 240V input, not more than output
Battery: Chargeable changeable 3.7V 800mAh Li-ion battery
Standby: 80hours
Keep the unit dry and do not use & store it in dusty places
Do not put the unit in overheated or overcooled places
Handle carefully. Do not vibrate or shake it violently
Do not paint & disassemble or refit the unit
Please use the battery and charger provided by manufacturer
Do not dismount the antenna randomly, or use other antennas

Dim (L x W x D): 64 mm x 46 mm x 17 mm


1 x Charger
1 x Mobile Phone Desktop Charger
1 x CD-ROM
1 x Battery