Personal Tracker Mini

Small personal locator device with reliable and accurate indoor and outdoor positioning technology:
  • Accurately tracks location in over 170 countries
  • Provides real-time location tracking to your smartphone outdoors, within cities, inside buildings, malls and skyscrapers
  • By simultaneously using a combination of 3 tracking technologies, personal tracker always provides you with reliable positioning even in most remote places where there is no satellite coverage available
  • Pairs with your smartphone to control tracking settings and extend battery life up to several weeks
  • Activate SOS alarm by pressing button 3 times


For your real time tracking This small personal tracker is designed to be convenient and multi-functional. The inconspicuous design is to accommodate for the needs of security-concerned individuals who are driving regularly or in environments that have higher risks.

This car gps is Personal safety device which has been designed to convincingly resemble a replacement car key holder increases the chances of it going unnoticed in the moment of crisis. The design also makes it very easy to use inside bags, attach and hang on clothes or a women's hand bag for example.

The device has a smart SOS button, which by pressing it 3 times can send a real-time alarm along with the exact location to any authorized user of the mobile app.


It precise indoor positioning or WPS(Wi-Fi) Positioning system is offered in partnership with Google. It's Wi-Fi chip can detect and get positioning support from all Google supported Wi-Fi hotspots globally.

This personal tracker offers you, for the first time indoor and outdoor positioning in the same product. Works perfectly in the densely populated urban jungles, especially in large cities with complex buildings and a lot large indoor locations such as malls, subways, tunnels, skyscrapers etc. downtown areas.

This anti theft gps tracker for car It's Wi-Fi chip gives a totally new level of real-time location of the person or asset tracked, thanks to it's powerful combination of GSM, GPS and Wi-fi positioning combo.