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1) Anti Hidden Camera Bug Detector (Model D) @ $148/xx

Anti Hidden Camera Bug Detector (Model A) @ $80

Anti Hidden Camera Bug Detector (Model B) @ $110

Anti Hidden Camera Bug Detector (Model C) @ $160

Anti Hidden Camera Bug Detector (Model E) @ $180

Professional Bug Detector From USA @ $20K - $50K

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Anti Debugging Services By Our Professional Specialists For Your Premises or Offices (Trusted Partners With ACRA Registered Company)

Anti Debugging Services By Our SpyCameraSG.Com In-House Specialist

GPS Trackers Anti Debugging Services By Our Specialist @ Our Workshop

What is counter surveillance?

Reverse-Spying is the title provided to the adventure of attack surveillance techniques and gadgets. If you tend to be under monitoring, then you might be subverting the surveillance to avoid getting watched.

How do camera detectors work?

Camera detectors uses the light LEDs which is attached to the camera detector will flash to illuminate even the tiniest pinhole camera lens and makes it even easier to see the lens's reflection to determine the products is a hidden camera.

How do bug detectors work?

Bugs transmit RF (radio frequency) signals and bug detectors hone in on those signals and indicate that there is a bug present, by lighting up, making a sound, or both. As bug detectors are designed specifically to pick up any RF signal in a given area, you may receive "false" positives if another RF-transmitting device (cell phone, radio, microwave, etc.) is nearby and active while you are using the anti spy gadgets.

How do Listen Bug/Gps Bug Jammers work?

GSM Audio jammers generate a random masking sound that desensitizes microphones in the area, rendering them completely unable to record. They are effective against any wiretapping device such as a GSM Spy Bug.