Spy Camera Button (Model B) (4GB)

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This is a 4GB Button-shaped Digital Video Recorder. Great for personal protection, mystery shopping, business meeting or interview etc... Replace one of your shirt button with this camera and you will be ready for a covert operation in no time. Just press the button on the camera and record all the action. To watch video, simply plug into a standard USB port. No drivers or outside power source needed.

For this item, you can turn it on with the magnetic ring near to the spy camera right place (near the on/off button), and turn it off when the magnetic stay long near the right place.

You can also turn this item on/off with pressing the turn on/off button.

Please turn the photo/video button to left (photo function) or right (video function), then turn the spy camera on.

When the photo/video button on left and turn on:
Orange light on, use the magnetic ring draw a straight line near the spy camera, or lightly short press the on/off button, then you can take the photos.

When the photo/video button on right and turn on:
Blue light on, the spy camera will record video automatically. Use the magnetic ring draw a straight line near the spy camera, or lightly short press the on/off button to stop recording.


Mini Size and Hidden under the Clothes
Magnetic Ring Switch for Turn on/off
Video Recorder with Audio
Can be Used as USB Flash Memory Storage Device
Built-in Microphone
Built-in Rechargeable Lithium Battery
Charge with USB Cable to PC
Built in 4GB Flash Memory
Video Format: 640*480 AVI
Video Frame Rate: 30fps
Photo Output: JPG format with resolution 1280*1024
Battery type: high Capacity Polymer Li-ion Battery
USB type: USB standard port. need no driver or circumscribed electric power source neither
Dimension: 70×15×10mm

Package Content:

1 x Spy Button Camera (4GB)
1 x USB Cable
1 x User Manual