Digital Spy Clock Display Mirror @ $80

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The Clock Spy Camera tells the time in digital format and also at the same time, possesses a built-in, remote-controlled video camera. It also has got a built-in motion sensor, which allows one to set the camera to record when the motion sensor detects a moving object. This is perfect for monitoring your home or office when you are not around.

Also, the LCD Alarm Clock has an extremely functional design. It looks plain and unsuspecting enough that it can be used in numerous settings, where you can place it at home to monitor your baby-sitter, spouse, neighbours and children.
Just put it on your table or anywhere in which one would place a clock.
You can also put it on your bed-side table as it has got a back-light which allows you to view the time in the dark

Furthermore, the Video Recording capability of the LCD alarm clock is extremely clear and renders images sharply.


Latest ultra-long, ultra-wide-angle, multi-functional table clock mirror characteristics listed
Special handling mirror, hidden camera
2.0M pixel CMOS image sensor
640 x 480 @30fps video resolution
140 degree wide angle lens
Support video recording, take photo
Support seperated voice recording
Support remote control
Support micro sd card, up tp 32GB
With 2pcs high capacity replaceable lithium battery, for ultra-long video recording


Memory: Micro SD (TF) Card (not included)
Max.: 32GB
Memory Consumption: 1GB/40min
Charge Time About: 8 hours

Unit Dimensions (L*W*H): 125*85*24mm

Package include:

Colock DVR
USB Cable
User Manual
power adapter