Spy Camera Button (Model B) (8GB) @ $70

CLICK ME : Video Demo Of Identical Product How To Use

This is a 8GB Button-shaped Digital Video Recorder. Great for personal protection, mystery shopping, business meeting or interview etc... Replace one of your shirt button with this camera and you will be ready for a covert operation in no time. Just press the button on the camera and record all the action. To watch video, simply plug into a standard USB port. No drivers or outside power source needed.

You can also turn this item on/off with pressing the turn on/off button.

Please turn the photo/video button to left (photo function) or right (video function), then turn the spy camera on.

When the photo/video button on left and turn on:
lightly short press the on/off button, then you can take the photos.

When the photo/video button on right and turn on:
Blue light on, the spy camera will record video automatically. lightly short press the on/off button to stop recording.


Mini Size and Hidden under the Clothes
Video Recorder with Audio
Can be Used as USB Flash Memory Storage Device
Built-in Microphone
Built-in Rechargeable Lithium Battery
Charge with USB Cable to PC
Built in 8GB Flash Memory
Video Format: 640*480 AVI
Video Frame Rate: 30fps
Photo Output: JPG format with resolution 1280*1024
Battery type: high Capacity Polymer Li-ion Battery
USB type: USB standard port. need no driver
Dimension: 70×15×10mm

Package Content:

1 x Spy Button Camera (8GB)
1 x USB Cable
1 x User Manual